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Our team specializes in developing large scale analytics platforms.

We build horizontally scalable platforms specifically aimed at intelligence and fraud detection.

Our team has developed an open source based platform that allows us to quickly build horizontally scalable analytics platforms for our customers.

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Software Development Solutions

We specialize in a wide variety of languages, frameworks, and methodologies. In addition to Java EE, .NET, Ruby, Python, C, C++, Objective C, Erlang, and PHP, our team brings extensive experience with many different methods of software development. We are experts at Rational Unified Process, Unified Process, Scrum, Extreme Programming, and Lean Software Development.

In order to best serve our clients, we have a number of diverse technologies for data storage. We use both XML databases and distributed relational databases, which are used by Google, Amazon, Facebook, and IBM. We also focus on web-application development and use industry-standard frameworks and best-of-breed techniques to create a website that can run in-house or in the cloud.

UI technologies such as HTML5, HTML+CSS+AJAX, and others offer more options for web-based solutions. Flexible web-based solutions were once limited to desktop or client-server applications. We can help you choose the best approach for your organization. Contact us to learn more about our experience and service offering.

Our company is always investigating and implementing new and exciting technology to make your experience with us better. We've been investigating and applying Artificial intelligence to cyber security and want to share our findings with you. Contact us to learn more about our research and work in this field.

Our current AI capabilities are in four major areas. As we expand into other fields of AI, more will be added to this list:

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Intelligent Agents
Design & Modeling

We offer customization, installations and distributed variations for the following database technologies, among others: relational databases like Oracle and MySQL; column-oriented databases like Apache Hadoop and Cassandra; and XML databases like Oracle Berkeley DB XML.

Setup, Configuration, Management & Support

Mobile apps are important because of all the technological advances today. With an application's SDKs (software development kits) and libraries, it is possible to create a mobile app with native "look-and-feel" that operates across all major mobile platforms without the added cost of supporting multiple platforms-specific native app versions.

Cloud Web-Application Development

The thing we focus on is quick software development for your virtual private cloud. We also build in data centers and public clouds like Amazon S3, Google App-Engine, and more.

Most cloud-based web applications like Google Apps and Amazon S3 use a different type of database than traditional RDBMS systems. These databases, called column-oriented databases, work differently than normalization and require a new way of thinking about your data model. With iAdapt, you can build and shape your team or we can help you decide what will work best for your business.

Distributed Computing

Managing big data is hard. Companies should have the requisite knowledge and experience to address these challenges, especially with inexperienced teams. It's critical to employ best practices for developing and implementing large-scale solutions that can leverage the component parts of a distributed architecture.

Enterprise Architecture Development

Enterprise solutions leveraging Java EE technologies including ESB, EJB, JMS, Caching, Web-Services (SOAP, REST), Single Sign-On Authentication, OAuth, Custom pluggable authorization solutions.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Building a system that can change to meet the needs of a changing environment is a difficult task. To make things easier, you can use a service-oriented architecture (SOA) design. The design principles of SOA are flexible and used throughout the development process. For example, the design principles can be used in both planning and implementation. iAdapt's experience includes planning, designing, and implementing systems. Specifically, our experience is focused on Java EE-based SOA implementations.

ERP Overview

At iAdapt, we are all about increasing the value of your business. We specialize in creating new systems or improving the ones you already have. One of our specialties is ERP/CRM consulting. We provide service for all major segments and vendor platforms. Our core services are ERP Business Consulting, ERP Package Implementation, ERP Application Development and Maintenance, and Infrastructure Support.

We provide enhancement and testing for your existing ERP. We have the in-depth knowledge and talent to provide cutting-edge solutions.

E-Business Suite Services
  • Implementation
  • Upgrades and Migrations
  • Support
  • Pre-upgrade Assessments
  • Financials, Manufacturing, and Distribution modules
  • Re-engineer, enhance existing custom reports
  • End-user & Technical Traning including Knowledge Transfer
  • Long-term support and transition planning
Module Expertise (11i, R12)
  • Financials
  • Contracts
  • Procurement
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer Data Management
  • Interaction Center
  • Learning Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Transportation Management
  • Product Life-cycle Management
PeopleSoft Services
  • Implementation, Integration & Upgrades
  • Creation of Customized End-User & Technical Training Programs
  • Bolt-on Application Development
  • Testing
  • Upgrade Assessment
  • Upgrade Strategy Development
  • Functional Planning & Upgrades
  • Technical Upgrades
  • Testing
  • Training & User Change Management (CM)
  • Short & Long Term Support
Module Experience
  • Asset Life-cycle Management
  • Campus Solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Enterprise Service Automation
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management (Procurement)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise Tools & Technology (PeopleTools)
Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
  • Architecture & Design
  • Managed Implementation, Upgrades & Testing Services
  • Full Life-cycle Implementation
  • Integrating Analytics with existing Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse Environments
  • Gap Analysis
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Data & System Integration
  • Custom Dashboard Design and Development
  • Siebel Analytics Reporting
  • End-user and Technical Support
  • Security & Roadmap Strategies
Module Expertise
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Contact Center Infrastructure and Service
  • CRM Technology and On-Demand
  • Customer Data Integration
  • Quote & Order Capture
  • Self-Service and e-Billing
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • BI Applications
  • Price Management
SAP Solutions & Services
  • Implementation & Rollouts
  • Production Support & Maintenance
  • Upgrades, Enhancements & Testing
  • Mobile Solutions Leveraging Mobile-Web Technologies
  • Application Migration, Enterprise Application/SOA Integration
  • NetWeaver and Basis Services
  • Encoding Conversions
  • Business Process Outsourcing

iAdapt specializes in developing Native and Mobile-Web applications. We’ve been moving away from Native apps because of their inflexibility and the deep maintenance required.

With the mobile web approach, developers have the freedom to create mobile applications with dynamic features that are user-friendly and native in style. This means that they can develop one set of code that will work on all major platforms without the burden of supporting different platforms specific native app versions.

Mobile-Web Applications

Today, mobile web applications provide a rich "native like" mobile interface to web applications. Mobile Web apps can provide a dynamic, user-friendly look that's native-like and works on all major mobile platforms without the cost and overhead of supporting multiple versions of native apps.

Mobile web apps today offer almost all the specific platform functionality that only native apps could offer just one year ago.

Mobile Web Technologies

Our mobile web expertise covers all major mobile platforms including:

  • HTML 5
  • JQuery Mobile
  • Seneca Touch
Mobilization Legacy Web Apps

Creating mobile views for existing web-apps does not mean that you have to re-write the whole app.

Native Mobile Applications

Our mobile development experience covers all major mobile platforms, including Apple's IOS and Android. We offer two specialties: Objective-c for IOS and Java for Android.

iAdapt offers ultra-fast search tools that leverage a wide range of open source and proprietary technologies and platforms. We leverage a wide variety of platforms and services. We use Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Apache Nutch, Sphinx, Google Search, Yahoo! Boss, etc.

iAdapt's developers and managers must all be trained on application security. They must know how to find and fix potential vulnerabilities in the software. This includes open source tools, as well as proprietary ones.

We leverage security design principles and methods to get your software that much safer.

OWASP principles we apply:

  • Apply defense in depth (complete mediation)
  • Use a positive security model (fail-safe defaults, minimize attach surface)
  • Fail securely
  • Run with least privilege
  • Avoid security by obscurity (open design)
  • Keep security simple (verifiable, economy of mechanism)
  • Detect intrusions (compromise recording)
  • Don't trust infrastructure
  • Don't trust services
  • Establish secure defaults (psychological acceptability)
Backend Technologies

Java: leveraging Spring MVC, JSF, GWT, Tapestry, Struts 1,2, Webwork, Ruby and the Ruby on Rails Framework, PHP Python Groovy and the Grails Framework.

Web UI

HTML(5),CSS, Javascript UI development, Javascript frameworks including JQuery, Prototype, Scriptilicious. CSS & CSS Frameworks such as blueprint. Alternative UI technologies including Flex / Flash, Google GWT, and more.

Authentication & Authorization

Authentication & Authorization leveraging different technologies and platforms including internal, LDAP, openID, oAuth, CAS.

Custom solutions leveraging Java EE security and other hybrid pluggable frameworks such as Spring Security.


The development of robust multi-tenant Saas architectures is a difficult process. The architectural design must be planned carefully and the implementation must be well-tested. We make sure you're safe. We make sure your files are safe. We make sure your company is safe. Our team implements best practices for data-separation, security (authentication and authorization), and access control (ACL) architectures. These systems are typically implemented using industry-wide patterns and technologies, such as Spring Security or Java EE platform services.

iAdapt can provide you with the right project management for your organization. We can sit down with you to determine if SaaS based architecture is what you need. If you already have an application that isn't SaaS compatible, we offer solutions for long-term compatibility. We can work with your existing models and code to transform your existing application into a single-tenant system.


One of the most important factors in customer service is integration. We have incredible experience integrating with portals such as Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In. We leverage a variety of SSO technologies, including oAuth and custom authentication setups.

We offer a variety of services including integrating different social media programs. For example, our Liferay Social Office integrates with other closed and open-source programs such as Jive Clearspace or open-source programs such as Jive Openfire.

Custom Solutions

Organizations that want to build custom social networking features can rely on our team to work with them to create an app that is tailored to their needs. Contact us for more information.

Social Media

Creating rich social-media applications takes experience with many different technologies. For example, an experience developer would know how to create a truly social application that includes chat, messaging, and real-time updates.

Social media is an incredible way to increase productivity and openness. For example, eGovernment Solutions has made custom social networking solutions leveraging different closed and open-source programs including Liferay Social Office, Jive Clearspace Community, Jive Forums, Jive Openfire, Jive Spark, and Portalfuze.

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